About Me

I’m a pharmacist but not in the traditional sense.  I chose a path of academia and clinical teaching, often providing the “interdisciplinary” component to patient-care rounds in the hospital. I’m probably in the wrong profession, but I make it work.  Navigating into this position of performance expectations when I rather spend time in perpetual, protected thought, creating my own world, has been challenging.  The journey of ignoring intuition and interpreting and delivering someone else’s ideas stifles my creative bank.  However, as it happens with time, my professional experience continues to grow into expertise, and the intermingling of imagination and medical education no longer seems out of bounds.  Perhaps at one time it all had to be separate–life in silos–but here I am, in my altogether.

I bring you my stories with life and professional lessons interwoven, while not forgetting the life that has learned them.  Dark humor and moments of inspiration can coexist.  I am also a runner, dog-owner, music-lover, imperfect Grace-receiver, amateur psychologist, pattern-discoverer, single woman, life and tech support for my parents, a youngest child, and slightly paranoid.   

Have a lemon bar or some coffee, and stay awhile.