About Me

Practicality won over my passions when it came time to decide my career path.  I became a pharmacist because being an English teacher (and novelist on the side) just wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle, especially in my neck of the woods.  Thankfully, my day-to-day isn’t the stereotype.   I get to teach, learn, innovate, create, analyze, ponder, wonder, and maneuver through a medley of personalities. When the long, white coat goes on, I tone down my expressiveness in a self-imposed exercise in balance.

To satisfy and exercise the need to use BIG words and nebulous diatribes, I’ve stumbled into blogland. Since it’s been a while and blogging is something new to me, I will be working some stuff out. It may not be the most cleverly composed script, or the most clear, or the most entertaining, but it will be true…most of the time.

The Other Side of the Posts is a challenge to me. To see or make seen from the other side. To be objective. To challenge the stereotype. To x-ray the facade.

Sincerely, Luci (aka Human)